Peak Of The Mountain

It’s been 2 years …

Last week I had an aha moment. It was that feeling of ease and gliding. I feel like I’ve gotten over that first hurdle.
I finally feel like I have reached a landmark in my sales business. For the past 2 years, it felt like I was climbing a mountain and working so hard to move toward the peak.
Now, I’m finally feeling the flow. I am doing the work and also seeing the reward.
When I was in promotional products sales, my networking, social media, and messaging were all based on the idea of being top of mind when someone needed promo. I wanted to be known as the Queen of Swag. I even introduced myself that way. And it worked.
One of my goals with my consulting business is to be seen, in the same way, as the expert in my field. When someone says, “I need help growing my business” or “I don’t know how to sell”, people now think of me right away and say, “you need to talk to Liz”.
How did I get to this place, to this feeling?
I showed up everyday as the expert that I am. I was true to myself. I was true to my clients. I presented myself as my authentic self. I tried not to worry about what others would think or how I would be judged. I went with my gut feelings. Yes, I listened and I learned from others but my choices were always mine and how I wanted to show up.
I also made the decision to give more. To give without expecting anything in return. I know the universe has my back and that the rewards will come. I try hard to always be helpful, to make thoughtful connections, to volunteer often, and to always be giving back.
There is so much noise out there on what you should be doing in your business. How you need to be marketing yourself. How many networking events you need to attend. How many business cards you need to collect. I look at it all as a journey and I want to enjoy the ride.
When sending too many emails or too many posts weekly didn’t feel right, I didn’t do it.
Of course, over the last 2 years, I have made mistakes. But I realign my wheels and get back on my own track. The one I am creating as I go.
So what is the message in this story?
Be yourself.
Be patient.
Own the role you are in.
Show up authentically every day.
Don’t worry about making mistakes – they are going to happen, the question is how will you react and recover?
I’m here to tell you not to give up. It will get easier. Have patience. Find your voice. Speak to your audience. Be your true self.

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